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About the Study




The Northwest Corridor Transit Study is a transit based corridor study that will be undertaken in accordance with processes established by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).  While the FTA no longer requires that applicants complete an Alternatives Analysis (AA) study, following the previously outlined AA process is generally advisable as it will yield products, analysis and information which may be used in further project development.

One key aspect of the study will be active stakeholder participation and public engagement throughout the process to both share information and gather input regarding the locally selected alternative. A locally selected alternative should address mobility, land use, livability, economic development and sustainability goals, among others, and determine the scope and breadth of a project's general feasibility, while concentrating on such crucial components such as ridership, costs (capital, as well as operations and maintenance), benefits and impacts.

Both RTA and the Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) are currently undertaking a strategic planning process.  The Northwest Corridor Transit Study will be coordinated with the RTA and MTA strategic planning process to ensure that public involvement and outreach activities don’t overlap or create confusion for the public and other interested stakeholders.

The Northwest Corridor Transit Study is being coordinated with nMotion 2015, the planning process that will result in the development and adoption of an updated Nashville MTA/RTA Strategic Plan. Recommendations from the Northwest Corridor Transit Study will be incorporated into the  final nMotion 2015 recommendations that will guide decision‐
making, investment, and transit development in the near future and beyond for the Middle Tennessee region.

In the 2035Regional Transportation Plan, adopted by the Nashville Area MPO, the long-range vision calls for the development of a new commuter rail line in the region’s northwest corridor to connect Clarksville and Nashville. Members of the RTA Board are committed to developing this project and it will be key in the continued effort to expand rapid transit in Middle Tennessee.


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